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Bottle Caps Manufacturers

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Caps, Closures & Seal 

Passage Overseas is the leading Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Bottle Packaging products Cap & Seal . We offer wide range of Aluminium caps & Plastic Caps in multiple sizes & colors for many different industries. Like Pharmaceuticals, Wine, Liquor, Oil, Beverages, Olive Oil & also Spirit.

Industrial Packaging Division |  Cap & Closures

Pharmaceutical Packaging:

Passage Overseas designs, manufactures, and supplies packaging for pharmaceutical products. Passage Overseas caters to the pharmaceutical industry with FDA-approved resins and colorants for stock and custom pharmaceutical packaging.

Pharmaceuticals Industries have lots of regulation which really a matter of life or death. Hence our experts monitors the details & optimize the quality, size & specifications for almost all kinds of Cap & seal.

Products we manufacture & exports to the pharmaceuticals companies are Aluminum Tear Off Caps / Tear Down Caps , Flip Off Caps / Flip Top Caps, ROPP Caps, Plastic Caps, Plastic ROPP,  Inject-able seals, Syrup bottle caps, Pharma Containers, HDPE Bottles, Multilayer Bottles, Translucent Bottles, RW HDPE Bottles, Child Lock Caps, Continuous Thread Caps.

Products exported are like Tear off caps, flip off caps, ROPP caps, Plastic ROPP, 

Wine Packaging:

Wine Manufacturing Industries demands cost effective manufacturing & superior quality packaging technologies that protect the quality & Brand. Similarly like Liquor industry, consumers in this industries demands exceptional experience for perfect packaging & unparalleled taste & quality.

Hence Passage Overseas’ experts maintains the overall quality, safety, brand image, cost & regulatory requirements of our clients.

Products we offer to our clients are Wine Caps, Wine closures, Wine capsules, ROPP caps, Long Caps, deep drawn caps. Different sizes & colors as per our client requirements are available.

Liquor Packaging:

Liquor Manufacturing Industries seems like going through an interesting transition that many consumers are also preferring smaller brands. May be least brands lend themselves to a richer drinking experience & products with authenticity. Due to this We accept these situation & focus not only big brands but with these smaller brands too. Furthermore also provides the best quality products & different specifications based on all kinds of the customer’s requirements.

Products offered are liquor bottle closures, Liquor bottle Caps, Screw Caps, Closure, Pilfer proof caps, ROPP closure etc.

Oil Packaging:

Oil Manufacturing Industries are on the leading industries for FMCG. Olive oil is probably the most loved product by all over the United States as well as by World.

Products offered are aluminium ropp cap with plastic pourer insert, Plastic Caps, two piece ctc caps, single piece caps, three star Alaska neck caps, spout caps for tin container, single handle for bottle caps

As consumer products are highly competitive and brand image & quality are essential. Therefore we provides the best packaging products, labelling & printing as per clients requirement for creating & maintaining their brand image.

Products exported by our company for Oil industries are Olive oil caps, Olive oil closures, ROPP caps, Screw caps etc.

Beverages Packaging:

Beverages Manufacturing Industries deals with the plastic products with the single & multiple threads. We at Passage Overseas maintain the quality & varieties of Plastic caps for the different beverages industries. Besides that Drinking water manufacturing & packaging Industries are also our clients.

Products exported are like Plastic caps, Crown Plastic cap, Bottle cap, Neck cap, Gas proof cap etc.

Crown Caps Packaging:

Passage Overseas offering wide range of Crown Caps for closing the various products. These are manufactured using high quality stainless steel meta and electroplated with sliver coating.

Products exported are like Crown Caps for Beer, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice & Ketchup

Lug Caps Packaging:

Passage Overseas offering the premium quality Lug Caps, which are made from high grade tin metal. These are offered in many kinds of specifications that include 30 mm, 38 mm, 43 mm, 53 mm, 58 mm, 63 mm, 66 mm, 82 mm 102 mm diameters.

Products exported are like Lug Caps for Pop & non Pop up

Vinegar Caps Packaging:

Passage Overseas deals with the Vinegar bottle caps with the single & multiple threads. We at Passage Overseas maintain the quality & varieties of Aluminium caps.

Passage Overseas delivers comprehensive Pharmaceuticals, Wine, Liquor, Spirits & Beverages bottle caps. Above all If you need any listed packaging industry specialist for the best quality products & specified specifications of your requirement, Contact us here, or call +91 80855-99091(whatsapp/viber)   or      +91 7389715797  or mail us to info@passageoverseas.com today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.

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