Metal Lug Caps

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There is no metal cap that is as popular as metal caps when sealing food and beverage containers. This hanger cap is sometimes refer to as a hat that can be rotate, because it can be quickly close just by turning. They are available in various colors and sizes with or without buttons.

The key cover is available in print or blank format. Inside the edge of the hat is a hanger that allows the hat to easily attach to the glass thread for this airtight seal.

As well as Plastic coated metal bushings provide an airtight seal that works perfectly with hot and cold patches, both for pasteurization or sterilization. This towing closure is ideal for food and sour sauce itself and is sold in bulk at wholesale prices to ensure they never go out!

Types of Lug Caps:

Sizes: 30mm, 38mm ,43mm, 53mm, 58mm, 63mm, 82mm

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