42 / 36 mm Two Piece CTC Caps

42 / 36 mm Two Piece CTC Caps


Passage Overseas is a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of Spout Caps, Spout Closures and Plastic Bottle Caps, Engine Oil Bottle Caps, Plastic Container, Stainer Bottle Caps etc.

Normal International Sizes used are  29 / 21 mm, 36 / 29 mm, 42 / 36 mm, 29/21 mm, 28 mm, 28 mm, 42 mm, 36 / 29 mm, 42 / 36 mm, 46 mm


  1. 29 / 21 mm
  2. 36 / 29 mm
  3. 42 / 36 mm
  4. 29/21 mm
  5. 28 mm
  6. 42 mm
  7. 36 / 29 mm
  8. 42 / 36 mm
  9. 46 mm


Applications:   Olive oil caps for oil, olive & also Vinegar,

COLOUR: As per buyer requirement


LIKE  29 / 21 mm, 36 / 29 mm, 42 / 36 mm

Liner:   Drop Stop Pourer

Design:  Lithography by CMYK

Packaging: PE bag in Export Worthy 5 Ply Corrugated Boxes with Identification Label.


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