Child Lock Cap

Child Lock Cap

With the help of our skilled and dedicated professionals, we strive to offer a variety of quality baby hats. We have a team of professionals who meet the requirements that help us produce quality products from high-quality raw materials.

Quality control carried out at each stage ensures that the final product meets international quality standards.

Normal International sizes used are 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 44mm, 58mm

Child Resistant Cap & Closure is a special protective cover use to reduce the risk of children being ingest by dangerous objects. such as drugs, pesticides, household chemicals, and so on.

Therefore, The story of the sacrifice of children opening and wrapping household packaging prompted the US Congress to ratify. The 1970 Poison Footprint Act, written by US Senator Frank E. Moss from Utah. This has allowed the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate this area.

The decade of expansion has expanded the first coverage to other dangerous products, including chemicals regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. There is coordination to improve international standards in terms of requirements and protocols.

The child resistant closures are specifically design and possess emboss directions for application and removal.

These caps are designed using special technology of pushing the cap up and then opening. The bottle as a child’s general tendency is to turn the cap to open. The child resistant caps are also available with pilfer proof rings.


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