Continuous Thread Cap

Continuous Thread Cap

We offer screw cap or continuous screw cap is a one-component locking device that helps prevent leakage. This is a high-quality spiral screw cap, which matches the size and smoothness of the neck of the container. Screw caps are one of the most effective packaging solutions and provide effective closures that are compatible with containers. This closure is widely used in packaging chemicals and medicines because it is easily opened by consumers.

Given the current needs of buyers, we strive to offer the best quality range of screw caps on the market. All of our screw caps are made from high-quality raw materials and advanced technology to ensure that finished products meet international quality standards.

Normal International sizes used are 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 45mm, 58mm, 63mm 

Continuous Thread Cap or Screw cap or lid is a type of general closure for bottles, bottles and tubes. Also Bolts are mechanical devices that are bolt to and remove from the finisher by “finisher”. Yarn or ears are continuously use.

Therefore, It may be cost effective, has an effective seal (and barrier), is compatible with content, easily open by users. Often reseal, and adheres to products, packaging, and laws, as well as environmental regulations.


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