Multilayer Bottles

Multilayer Bottles

A multilayer bottle preserves the freshness of the product and protects it from light, moisture and other harmful ailments. These extra-ordinary features of multilayer bottles count for its increasing use in the industry.

Passage Overseas has having bottles ranging in sizes from 40cc for 33mm neck size to 300cc for 58mm neck size. Our multi layer bottles come in both round and square shape to meet your requirement.

Standard Sizes:

40cc/33mm Round, 60cc/33mm Square, 60cc/33mm Round, 90cc/38mm Round, 90cc/38mm Square, 150cc/38mm Round, 175cc/38mm Square, 200cc/38mm Round, 300cc/53mm Round

The threads in the neck and the dimensions of the neck decide the size of the closure to be use. So we must have a clear idea about the neck finishes. There are some common S.P.I specifications which must be considered

“H” dimension: High end of door. This is measure from the top of the neck to the point where the “T” diameter is extend down across the shoulder.
“S” dimension: Measured from above, finishes up the first thread. Size “S” is a key factor that determines the orientation of the closure to the bottle and the level of involvement of the thread between the bottle and the lid.
“I” Dimension: Inner diameter of bottle neck. Specifications require a minimum of “I” to provide enough space to fill the tube. Less bushings that can be lock with gaskets or gaskets, plugs and measuring equipment require a controlled “I” dimension to fit.
“T” dimension: Outside thread diameter. The tolerance range “T” determines the position between the bottle and the lid.
“E” dimension: Outside door diameter. The difference between the two dimensions “E” and “T” determines the thread depth.


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