Pharma Containers

Pharma Containers

Pharmaceutical Containers are developed with the help of excellent technology and are used to fulfill the requirements of packaging material in various industries. Further, we customize and package them as per the client’s instructions.We have well equipped machinery and clean rooms along with sterlizing facilities which enables us to create high quality and unique bottles.

We have established manufacturers and suppliers of Pharmaceutical Bottles such as HDPE Bottles, Multilayer Bottles, Translucent Bottles & RW HDPE Bottles.


10cc/28mm, 23cc/28mm, 30cc/28mm, 30cc/33 mm, 40cc/33mm, 45cc/28mm (sq), 50cc/33mm, 50cc/38mm, 60cc/20mm, 60cc/33mm, 60cc/28mm, 60cc/28mm (Ring mark), 75cc/33mm, 75cc/38mm, 85cc/33mm, 90cc/33mm, 100cc/38mm, 115cc/28mm, 120cc/38mm, 150cc/28mm, 150cc/38mm, 160cc/38 mm, 175cc/38mm, 180cc/45mm, 180cc/53mm,  185cc/28mm,  200cc/38mm,  200cc/45mm, 225cc/28mm, 225cc/45mm, 250cc/38mm,  250cc/53mm, 275cc/28mm,  300cc/28mm, 300cc/45mm, 300cc/53mm, 380cc/75mm, 400cc/38mm, 400cc/45mm, 400cc/53mm, 500cc/53mm, 500cc/83mm, 625cc/53mm, 750cc/53mm, 750cc/93mm, 800cc/83mm, 850cc/53mm, 950cc/53mm, 1300cc/53mm, 1500cc/53mm, 2000cc/53mm, 2000cc/100mm

Multilayer Bottles Sizes: 

40cc/33mm Round, 60cc/33mm Square, 60cc/33mm Round, 90cc/38mm Round, 90cc/38mm Square, 150cc/38mm Round, 175cc/38mm Square, 200cc/38mm Round, 300cc/53mm Round

Translucent Bottles Sizes: 

10cc/28mm, 23cc/28mm, 30cc/28mm, 60cc/28mm, 60cc/28mm (Ring mark), 70cc/28mm (Ring mark), 75cc/28mm, 100cc/20mm, 100cc/28mm (Ring mark), 100cc/28mm, 100cc/38 mm, 115cc/28mm, 115ccc/38mm, 120cc/38mm, 150cc/28mm, 150cc/38mm, 150cc/38mm (Rectangle), 185cc/28mm, 225cc/28mm, 300cc/45mm, 5000cc/38mm

RW HDPE Bottles Sizes: 

30cc/28mm, 60cc/28mm, 100cc/28mm, 1000cc/28mm, 250cc/28mm, 450cc/53mm, 70cc/38mm, 400cc/53mm, 150cc/28mm, 60cc/33mm, 100cc/38mm, 40cc/33mm, 40cc/33mm, 40cc/33mm, 60cc/33mm, 75cc/38mm, 120cc/38mm, 100cc/38mm, 200cc/38mm, 500cc/53mm, 250cc/38mm, 750cc/53mm, 60cc/33mm, 100cc/38mm, 120cc/38mm, 150cc/38mm

A bottle though a simple structure, has various factors involved in it. When it comes to purchase of a bottle for medical purpose, the things becomes more observant.

Let us know the anatomy of the bottle-

  • Mouth-It is the opening of the bottle.
  • Bead- It is the finish line of neck where the cap of the bottle rests.
  • Threads- These are spirals on the neck onto which the closures are twisted.
  • Neck Finishes-The part of the bottle which holds the closure.
  • Standard Capacity- The normal value measured in cc’s or ml’s on the bottles, published in standard sizes used by the industry.
  • Shoulder- It is the sloped area between the neck and the body of the bottle.
  • Overflow capacity- It is the capacity of the bottle after which the content will overflow.
  • Base- The bottom area of the bottle often marked with resin identification code.

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