What is a wine capsule?

Wine capsules – the wrapping of this film on wine bottles – are decorative and do not affect the quality of the wine in them. The main purpose is to prevent mice or insects from damaging the bottle when the wine is store for a long time.

exporters of wine caps
exporters of wine caps

Currently, wine capsules are only part of the wine packaging. If the order bottle contains a capsule but is missing, you can contact the winery in this case. This, in turn, will definitely affect the resale value of wine.

As well as few years ago, around 90% of all wine bottles produce worldwide were sealed with natural cork. Thanks to aluminium, more and more winegrowers are shifting their focus to aluminium capsules for wine bottles to reduce the risk of spoilage of products. and ensure that their names on wine bottles will stand the test of time and rich heritage.

Passage Overseas is one of the best company that’s engage in the business of producing aluminium capsules for wine bottles. As a customer-oriented organization, the company offers products that are tailor to the needs and requirements of customers.

Sizes: 30 x 60 mm31.5 x 60 mm31.5 x 44 mm30 x 44 mm

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